Tuesday, July 20, 2010


yo estoy estudiando espanol de latin america. yo estoy estudiando tiempo presente.

spanish immersion (latin america) - because i'm so new to spanish, even though i live in los angeles, i like the simplicity of spanish immersion - at least disc 1. the disc's menu has a graphical menu of a disc with various themes and subjects populating the disc in a circle. pick one and the software has a "practice" section, recording and feedback section, an easy quiz and hard quiz section. each section has words and pictures and two people, man and woman, at the bottom of the screen who translate words and phrases for you or tell you if you're correct in a quiz. words and phrases are accompanied by pictures and audio from the man and woman or your own recording. the recording function, however, only gives you 3 seconds or so to record and repeat. this part really needs tweaking in terms of giving you more time.

so far, however, i'm learning my numbers, body parts, basic foods, time, common phrases and more!

also, i hired spanish tutor. :-)

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