Monday, December 7, 2009


The Fall course 619 is coming to an end this week. I've updated the following:

1. Google site
2. Academic site, I have most of the text content done for "parts of speech" and "teaching 9th grade english" sections. the other sections remain and auxiliary aids for each sections (graphics, lessons, etc.) are yet to be done. 


  1. Hey Matty,

    Some final remarks on your professional site (the Dreamweaver site).

    1) I love the spunkiness of your layout. The banners are super fun--they make your site seem "friendly". Very nice choices.

    2) The pull-down menus at the top are great. I love it.

    3) I love your curricular resources. For example, the parts of speech, when you look at the grammar resources--fantastic. Well done!

    4) The simple tips you offer for students to utilize with regards to focusing are great. I really like that you offered practical tools the kids can use. I mean it--I tell them these sorts of things all the time! Nicely done.

    5) Great tools and articles posted for teachers and students alike.

    A couple thoughts:

    *link it up for your google site (perhaps you did this and I missed it--but I did not see it)

    *link it with "edited by"? I don't think this is required but it would leave it with a trail of editorial comments.

    Note: I was also going to mention something about credentialing resources since you are considered a pre-service teacher but you already did that. Well done! I'm very impressed.

  2. Ok, I'm back. I'm a pain, huh? I just went back through. I did notice that you have "credentialing tools" as a category and it looks like you will add that in the future. Great idea--this is an important addition and would help individuals visiting your site.

    Also, the comment above about adding an "edited by" on your dreamweaver site? Kind of like you did on your google site--that way it's all sorta tied together, ya know?

    Ok, that's it. :) Great work, Matty-o!