Sunday, October 11, 2009


The purpose of wikis is for multiple end-users to input, edit and collaborate on a semi-bulletin like technology, which is the wiki itself. A wiki's primary mechanism is called a space, which is like a room in a house where you can lock the door and let certain people in. In that room or space is where notes, updates, etc. are communicated.


  1. Hey Matt Diggity,

    Thanks for the comment last week. I appreciate the feedback about the CHIME info. I wanted to tell you I like your resources page with information regarding OWL from Purdue University. That's a great resource that I have used as a student as well.

    Additionally, I like how you posted relevant blogs/thoughts on the "interesting stuff" page.

    Finally, your philosophy is a nice addition. Looks great!

    I am hoping to see your grammarwand site synced soon. I caught a glimpse of it over your shoulder last week in looks good! I know you said you like to finish a project first before uploading everything, but perhaps I can convince you to update as you go!? I would love to comment....holla!

  2. Hi Matt! I really like your English Help 101 site. First of all, neat idea to change it up a bit. I like how you are looking at it from the perspective of overall help with an emphasis on grammar!

    Your site and layout look great. All links work well and go where they are supposed to. Now just throw some content in there and et voila!

  3. Hi Liz,
    thanks for the feedback. I'm working on the content. The main content area for the SED 619 class is under "Teaching 9th Grade English." There, you'll find a lot of content. As well, I've got lots of content under "Parts of Speech" in the "Grammar Help" section. I'll be taking a look at your stuff today and will give you feedback.

    Thanks again partner!