Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Learning Spanish (Latin American)

so, i don't know spanish (except for dinero). i started listening to spanish radio and i going through rosetta stone version 2 spanish (latin american). here are just a few notes:

Spanish (lat am) and spanish (spain)
both level 2

Rosetta Stone Button
click on level 1, unit column (8) and lesson columns with description in spanish (up to 11 - 12 lessons for each unit)

level 1, unit 1 - nouns and prepositions (sustantivos y preposiciones)
unit 2 - verbs - present tense (

in each unit lesson, there are 4 there are icons on the left of the screen, each representing the type of lesson. You start out with narration plus written cues plus pictures (picture shows speaker plus book). you can do an audio only exercise. the exercises right of the column of exercise types vary from 2 to 4 (in number). the first exercise box contains audio, visual and text cues with a text of an item, plus narration and pronunciation and 4 pics underneath. you must click on the picture the word at the top represents. the second exercise box has a pic at the top with 4 boxes below. the pic at top identifies an object and the boxes below just have the Spanish text. Pick the correct box/text after the narrator says the word (of the picture at the top). the third box has no pic at the top. there are 4 boxes with spanish words. the narrator says a word. pick the correct box. the 4th box - there's a spanish word or phrase at the top of the screen. the 4 boxes below are blank. the narrator says different words/phrases and each empty box highlights after the narrator says each word/phrase. here, i think the program is weak. this is just memorizing the boxes.

this by the way, is just for the first type of exercise (all the senses). the point is, each exercise leaves something out from the last exercise; thus, each exercise gets more challenging.

Talk Now button (bonus feature language system)
common words, phrase help with pics and narration

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