Tuesday, June 15, 2010

spanish learning software

alright, so there are so many options out there. i googled "spanish learning forums", "top 10 spanish learning software" and then went onto amazon for reviews. i then researched each product that came up consistently and finally, researched if they were mac compatible, able to download to ipods and most of all, if the spanish was latin american vs castillian (spain).

top spanish learning software list: fluenz, tell me more, rocket languages (coincidentally, in Los Angeles), rosetta stone, pimsleur and study spanish.

castillian spanish: fluenz, study spanish, tell me more (not mac friendly). automatically out for me.

latin american spanish: rocket languages, rosetta stone

mac version: rocket and rosetta both

mp3: transferable to ipods: rocket languages

price: rocket has downloadable price for $99 (cds 300)

method: rosetta stone is based on natural language acquisition where kids learn by images and sounds and matching them. rocket has media as well but also focuses on writing and finer points of grammar - from the reviews

what i'll purchase: rocket languages spanish (latin american)


  1. Thanks for telling us about this software

  2. hi, thanks! i didn't know anyone was actually reading this!